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Autumn Daly

Occupation: Aspiring Singer

Motto: Leave no stone unturned
Hero: Madonna
Favorite Food: Pasta with meat sauce and caramel apples
Least Favorite Food: Indian
Favorite TV Show: Sex and The City
Least Favorite TV Show: Arli$$
Favorite Movie: Boys on the Side
Least Favorite Movie: Crazy Love
Favorite Band/Singer: Chante Moore
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Any heavy metal
Favorite Magazine: People
Favorite Sport: Basketball, gymnastics, figure skating
Favorite Color: Pink 
Least Favorite Color: Green

Bunky Miller

Occupation: Technical Writer

Motto: Create your own reality, go with the flow and flow with the flux, live and let live.
Hero: Bill Goldberg (professional wrestler)
Favorite Food: Potatoes 
Least Favorite Food: Liver
Favorite TV Show: Will & Grace 
Least Favorite TV Show: All in the Family
Favorite Movie: Top Gun 
Least Favorite Movie: Octopussy
Favorite Band/Singer: Ricky Martin
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Willie Nelson
Favorite Magazine: WCW
Favorite Sport: Professional wrestling
Favorite Color: Purple
Least Favorite Color: Orange

Hardy-Ames Hill

Occupation: Account Executive

Motto: Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't!
Hero: Maternal Grandfather
Favorite Food: Chicken
Least Favorite Food: Veal
Favorite Music: Rock/Alternative and Rock/Rap
Favorite TV Show: Drew Carey
Favorite Movie: American Beauty
Least Favorite Movie: Any Cannonball Run movie
Favorite Band/Singer: The Verve
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Madonna
Favorite Magazine: Entertainment Weekly, People, Time
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Color: Orange
Least Favorite Color: Fuchsia

Justin Sedik

Occupation: Back Office Operations/Bartender

Favorite Food: Italian
Least Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite TV Show: The Honeymooners
Least Favorite TV Show: Ricki Lake
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Least Favorite Movie: The Blair Witch Project
Favorite Band/Singer: Smashing Pumpkins
Least Favorite Band/Singer: P. Diddy
Favorite Magazine: Men's Fitness
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Color: Gray
Least Favorite Color: Red

Kent Blackwelder

Occupation: Mortgage Broker

Motto: Make my family proud and be good to others
Hero: Ronald Reagan
Favorite Food: Steak
Least Favorite Food: Pork
Favorite TV Show: A&E Biography
Favorite Movie: The Green Mile
Least Favorite Movie: Runaway Bride
Favorite Singer: Eddie Money
Least Favorite Singer: P. Diddy
Favorite Magazine: Time, Sports Illustrated, Golf
Favorite Sport: Golf, football
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Green

Krista Stegall

Occupation: Waitress

Motto: Always strive for the best…never settle for less!
Hero: Mom
Favorite Food: Boiled Crawfish
Least Favorite Food: SPAM
Favorite TV Show:The Real World
Least Favorite TV Show: Jerry Springer
Favorite Movie: Braveheart 
Least Favorite Movie: Fargo
Favorite Band/Singer: Bush 
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Spice Girls
Favorite Sport: Football/Softball
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Green

Mike "Boogie" Malin

    Occupation: Bar Owner

    Motto: You only live once
    Hero: Mom
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Music: Rap
    Favorite TV Show: The Practice
Favorite Movie: Wall Street
Favorite Mags: Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Basketball

Monica Bailey

    Occupation: Candy Store Manager/Adult Literacy Teacher

    Motto: Don't think of life as under pressure, think of it as being interesting                   and fabulous!
    Hero: My 11-year-old niece
    Favorite Food: Soul Food
    Least Favorite Food: Liver
    Favorite TV Show: Will & Grace
    Least Favorite Show: Star Trek
    Favorite Movie: City of Angels
    Least Favorite Movie: Dracula 2000
Favorite Band/Singer: Patti LaBelle
Least Favorite Band/Singer: *NSYNC
Favorite Magazine: Jet, Good Housekeeping
Favorite Sport: Likes to play softball, watch basketball and date football
Favorite Color: Orange
Least Favorite Color: Green

Nicole Schaffrich

    Occupation: Personal Chef

    Motto: Believe and respect yourself and those who deserve it
    Hero: Everyone should strive to be their own hero
    Favorite Food: Anything without a face or a parent
    Least Favorite Food: Any meat
    Favorite TV Show: The Practice
Least Favorite TV Show: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Favorite Movie: The Exorcist
Least Favorite Movie: Dumb & Dumber
Favorite Band/Singer: Pink Floyd
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Weezer
Favorite Magazine: Rolling Stone, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Spin
Favorite Sport: Volleyball, football
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Pink

Shannon Dragoo

    Occupation: Realtor/Boat Captain

    Motto: Always be happy
    Hero: Alan Greenspan
    Favorite Food: Anything with cheese
    Least Favorite Food: Prime Rib
    Favorite TV Show: Sex and The City
Least Favorite TV Show: The Sopranos
Favorite Movie: Predator
Least Favorite Movie: The English Patient
Favorite Band/Singer: Fuel
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Meatloaf
Favorite Magazine: Popular Mechanics
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Pink

Sheryl Braxton

    Occupation: Interior Decorator

    Motto: Live each day as though it was your last
    Hero: Dr. Laura
    Favorite Food: Veal
    Least Favorite Food: Liver
    Favorite TV Show: Family Law
Least Favorite TV Show: Jerry Springer
Favorite Movie: Bridget Jones's Diary
Least Favorite Movie: Freddy Got Fingered
Favorite Band/Singer: Sting
Least Favorite Band/Singer: Liza Minelli
Favorite Magazine: Southern Living, House & Garden
Favorite Sport: Tennis, college football
Favorite Color: Red
Least Favorite Color: Baby Blue

Will Kirby

 Occupation: Physician

 Motto: Be desireless, be excellent, be gone
 Hero: The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin
 Favorite Food: Sashimi
 Least Favorite Food: Pasta
 Favorite TV Show: Boy Meets World
 Least Favorite Show: Any court shows
 Favorite Movie: Fight Club
 Least Favorite Movie: Air Bud II
 Favorite Band/Singer: Weezer
Least Favorite Band/Singer: REM
Favorite Magazine: GQ, New England Journal of Medicine
Favorite Sport: Watersports
Favorite Color: Black
Least Favorite Color: Mauve